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We will replace these images with a
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is the term Kesey
coined to describe the action of
Himself, the Bus and the Merry Pranksters
that will be viewed over the internet.

Caveat Prankster!!!
Read this now
On the internet...like Neal's head...
Speed Rules!!!
The modem speed or connection you are using determines what you will see and hear !!! and, how well you will see and hear it...This is IMPORTANT!!!! Read everything below the bar with complete comprehension...

Always keep your browsers reasonably up-to-date. These days, you should have a Java enabled browser with the Apple Quicktime Movieplayer, Apple Quicktime VR, and plug-ins, or a movie player capable of reading .aiff, .wav, or .mov files. You can get all that stuff at the Apple.com, Netscape.com, Microsoft.com, Macromedia.com and Real.com web sites. Most up-to-date browsers now include the tools you will need below.

Life if tough when it comes to getting your computer to work correctly. We've all had days like this.


Live Zyberjam... Live Zyberjam is exactly as it reads and sounds. A digital feed is sent over the internet live, in real time, of a Ken Kesey and/or a Merry Prankster event. You will be able to hear and see the event as it unfolds.

for LIVE Zyberjam
Audio: A browser that supports Java
Video: A browser with an up-to-date movieplayer.
Connection speed: At minimum, ISDN (128 Kbps) is recommended for live feeds. If you have access to DSL or a T1 line...you will receive "real-time" video and audio!

Most of you will be logged in using 28.8 up to 56K modems over standard telephone lines. The live audio may be broken up but you will be able to see the live video action. If the audio is weird, then get professional and just turn down the sound and play your favorite CD in the background instead of the live cybercast feed as it may be annoying because of the slower streaming your connection is experiencing.

and get on widdit !

Less Live Zyberjam
Less Live Zyberjam is exactly as it reads and sounds. Audio and video files will be fed into your browser on demand with the click of a button after you have flicked your Bick. These digital files will be in Quicktime, Quicktime Virtual Reality, Real Audio and Real Video.



Even Less Live Zyberjam
If you don't want to attempt to pass any test with Pranksters in your face live or cyber-live, then order one of the many books, tapes, videos or various paraphenalia available at

And check it out comfortably and safely at home !

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